Thursday, January 31, 2008

Farewell, President Hinckley

I have struggled to come up with a way to express my sense of loss at the passing of President Hinckley. He was a prophet of God, and I will always hold a special place in my heart where I know that. I remember obtaining that knowledge, not long after he became President of the Church. I was sitting in Seminary one day when I was about 14. We were watching a documentary of his life. I remember it came to a part where there was a clip of a General Conference address that he gave, and as he testified of the truth of the gospel in that clip, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of happiness as well as an assurance that this man was indeed a prophet of God. For more than the next 12 years this humble man would inspire me in my greatest life decisions: as I served a mission, got married, and started a family of my own. I owe more to the humble guidance and inspiration of this man than words can express. I love him, and what he taught me. Perhaps Glenn Beck can express some of my emotions with a little more eloquence in the accompanying video. Farewell, President Hinckley. The world is a better place for your life in it, and it is less of a place in your absence.

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